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Obstacle Run Safety

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Health and fitness is big business, and the introduction of obstacle runs is a great way to launch a small business and organise a yearly activity that people can all get involved in. Whilst the runs themselves are difficult, it’s the construction of obstacles and the making of the mud pits that takes just as much time and effort. Having a team of eager volunteers is great, but providing them with adequate safety wear is key for protecting them and following through with certain clauses within your insurance policy. Read More»

Why You May Be Taking the Completely Wrong Approach to Ironing

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If you have a particularly large family or are responsible for managing a big team at a restaurant or other retail environment, you may have overall responsibility for laundry. In the home environment, you may be in charge of not just washing but ironing as well, and some commercial facilities still handle this work “in-house” as they try to be more efficient. If you’re in this position, you will always want to streamline your work if possible and may be surprised to learn that you are not employing the best technique. Read More»

Designing a Uniform That Distinguishes Management Staff

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In industries like retail and fast food catering, it’s common for employees to wear a corporate uniform. It makes them recognisable parts of your branding while simultaneously ensuring they’re dressed suitably for work every day. The downside to this is that everyone looks much the same, so it’s not always easy for customers to distinguish between management and other members of staff. It can also have an impact on the authority of managers, so you may encourage them to wear a suit. Read More»

4 Reasons You Need a Boho Hat for Your Next Music Festival

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When summer comes along, it means just one thing to many people all across the country: festivals. Gone are the days when nobody worried what they wore to these; now everyone is trying their best to nail the festival chic look, and boho hats have become a popular accessory. You might think that’s just down to their cool style, but these hats also come with a number of additional benefits for the festival-goer. Read More»

Make Sure You Get the Right Rugby Hoodies for Your Team

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Rugby hoodies can keep your players warm and dry when on the sidelines, and this can actually help them to play better. When a player stays warm, their blood keeps circulating and they stay loose and limber and ready for the game. Hoodies are also a good choice for when they’re off the field, as they can advertise the team while still getting some protection from the elements. When you’re ready to shop for rugby union hoodies for your team, note a few features to remember so you ensure you get the right pieces for everyone. Read More»