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Preparing For Your Personal Shopping Session

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Before you meet with your personal shopper to buy new clothes, it is worth spending a few minutes looking for a few items to help the shopper get a feel for your style.

A photo of you looking and feeling your best

It doesn't matter what you are wearing in this photo--it could be on the finishing line of a marathon or at your wedding. A photo of you looking and feeling your best gives the stylist an idea of your lifestyle (athletic, corporate, easy going) and the kinds of clothing you are most comfortable wearing.

Your most worn piece of clothing

What item do you always go back to when you get dressed? Do you have a workhorse pair of jeans or a fail-safe shirt that you know goes with everything and feels good to wear? Again, knowing the kinds of clothes you tend to reach for can help the stylist find something you'll look good in and enjoy wearing.

You should also find the shoes you wear all the time--particularly for women's clothing, as heel height has a significant influence on how clothes hang and how long pants legs need to be. If you wear sneakers chasing after children all day as a kindergarten teacher, your shoes and clothing will need to reflect that aspect of your life.

Your favourite piece of clothing

If you are holding onto clothing that you no longer wear, such as a uniform from a previous job, or clothing that belonged to a deceased family member, this can also be useful for the personal shopper to see. They may be able to find outfits that have some aspects of these favourite items, such as a similar fabric or style of buttons, that you can incorporate into your personal style.

A picture of your favourite celebrity or business person style

While you might currently be a jeans and sneaker fan, seeing that your favourite style is a 3 piece suit or a formal dress can help your stylist to find clothes that fit your current style and the style you aspire to be wearing. A lot of the time when you head to a stylist you have an urge to change the clothes you are wearing, and the stylist is finding a balance between finding clothes that you'll feel comfortable in and want to wear all the time versus the kind of style you want to adopt.

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