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Make Sure You Get the Right Rugby Hoodies for Your Team

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Rugby hoodies can keep your players warm and dry when on the sidelines, and this can actually help them to play better. When a player stays warm, their blood keeps circulating and they stay loose and limber and ready for the game. Hoodies are also a good choice for when they're off the field, as they can advertise the team while still getting some protection from the elements. When you're ready to shop for rugby union hoodies for your team, note a few features to remember so you ensure you get the right pieces for everyone.

1. Pullover versus zip

Hoodies that zip up the front are usually better for wearing when on the sidelines, as they're easier to take on and off quickly. A player can also keep the front open if he or she needs some extra comfort and doesn't want to feel all bundled up. For everyday wear, a zipped hoodie may seem like more of a jacket whereas a pullover hoodie may work better as an actual shirt. You might opt for the pullover variety for wearing off the field since they can be worn on their own, without another shirt underneath them. Pullovers are also good for training, when your players want some extra warmth during practice. The zipper won't get in the way of play or rub uncomfortably on their neck while running drills and the like.

2. Nylon versus fleece

Some hoodies may be made of nylon on the exterior with a fleece underside, while others are all fleece. The nylon variety keeps away moisture and rain and may also hold in extra body heat. You may want to stock up on these for using on the sidelines, in case your team is playing in the rain and your players need some extra protection. The fleece variety might be more comfortable for warmer weather as it can allow some body heat to escape, so opt for this variety during the warmer weeks of your season.

3. Drawstrings

It may seem like a small thing, but consider seriously if your hoodies should have drawstrings around the hood. These can get bunched up and lost when the hoodie is washed, which you'll need to do often if they're worn by players on the field. They can also get in the way of play when someone wears a hoodie for training. However, for wearing off the field, they can give someone the chance to tighten the hood and protect them from the elements as needed.