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Obstacle Run Safety

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Health and fitness is big business, and the introduction of obstacle runs is a great way to launch a small business and organise a yearly activity that people can all get involved in. Whilst the runs themselves are difficult, it's the construction of obstacles and the making of the mud pits that takes just as much time and effort. Having a team of eager volunteers is great, but providing them with adequate safety wear is key for protecting them and following through with certain clauses within your insurance policy. The last thing you want is to halt the event because someone has dropped something on their toe or bumped their head and you're liable.

Foot Wear

Adequate footwear is the cornerstone of any good safety clothing rig. If working with machinery or heavy objects, such as metal poles that are used to create some of the climbing obstacles or diggers that dig the pits, then a pair of work boots with steel toe caps is a must. Ideally, having boots that lace up above the ankle is better, as this will support the ankle when lifting heavy objects and minimises the risk of rolling the foot. If this happens, it increases the chance of injuring other members of the team. Some boots also have non-slip and pierce-resistant soles as well, which is also good if you are working with slippery liquids (such as obstacle course slip-and-slide tracks) or nails.  

Head Gear

Headgear may also be required to protect the head and eyes. As all safety wear is required by law as dictated by OHSA (Occupational Health Services Australia) you'll be able to find complete lists on their website of what is required. However as a rule of thumb, you'll need something adjustable that is brightly coloured (to help staff to be visible, especially in poor weather), comfortable, and adheres to the AS/NZ S1801 standards. This shows that the hard hat has the required resistance and strength to offer adequate protection. You could also pair this with some shatter-resistance goggles that will protect the eyes from any metal pole fixtures.

High Visibility Vest

High-visibility vests are a must as well. They'll not only help you to identify where your members of staff are, but they'll also help you to be more visible to people undertaking the event, which is crucial in an emergency. Therefore, they are a good purchase as they have multiple uses.