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4 Reasons You Need a Boho Hat for Your Next Music Festival

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When summer comes along, it means just one thing to many people all across the country: festivals. Gone are the days when nobody worried what they wore to these; now everyone is trying their best to nail the festival chic look, and boho hats have become a popular accessory. You might think that's just down to their cool style, but these hats also come with a number of additional benefits for the festival-goer.

1. Slips into Your Bag

When you're heading to a festival, especially one that takes place over a number of days, packing space will be at a premium. It's not like you can just turn up with a suitcase; you'll generally have to use a small backpack to hold all your clothes, makeup, and food. With all that packed, extra items can be tough to accommodate, but boho hats are both light and flexible. You'll be able to slip one into your bag without worrying about it taking up much space.

2. Keeps You Cool

Boho hats can easily provide your outfit with an added dash of style, but they can also keep you cool in a more literal sense. Everyone wants the sun to be shining and the days to be warm during a festival, but the constant beating down of the sun's rays upon your head can get to be a little much; you could even get heat stroke after standing around unprotected for more than a few hours. Just slip on a light, airy boho hat to keep your head nice and cool.

3. Saves Your Eyes

So your favourite act is heading to the stage and you're in prime position to catch their show. Unfortunately, that's just when the sun comes out to hit you full in the face with its glare. This can, naturally enough, be pretty annoying, but you can keep that sun from blotting out vision by wearing a wide-brimmed boho hat.

4. Stands Out from the Crowd

It's no secret that festivals tend to be more than a little crowded; after all, the whole point is to enjoy your favourite acts among a mass of other fans; however, that same screaming, dancing multitude can present real problems if you get separated from your group. This can be annoying if you want to stick together, or downright infuriating if you can't find your way back to the tent yourself. Luckily, boho hats are pretty distinctive, so the top of your head will be easy for others to spot from afar.