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Make Sure You Get the Right Rugby Hoodies for Your Team

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Rugby hoodies can keep your players warm and dry when on the sidelines, and this can actually help them to play better. When a player stays warm, their blood keeps circulating and they stay loose and limber and ready for the game. Hoodies are also a good choice for when they’re off the field, as they can advertise the team while still getting some protection from the elements. When you’re ready to shop for rugby union hoodies for your team, note a few features to remember so you ensure you get the right pieces for everyone. Read More»

Preparing For Your Personal Shopping Session

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Before you meet with your personal shopper to buy new clothes, it is worth spending a few minutes looking for a few items to help the shopper get a feel for your style. A photo of you looking and feeling your best It doesn’t matter what you are wearing in this photo–it could be on the finishing line of a marathon or at your wedding. A photo of you looking and feeling your best gives the stylist an idea of your lifestyle (athletic, corporate, easy going) and the kinds of clothing you are most comfortable wearing. Read More»